08 October 2006

Sex hair says:
on my cable channel 42 is the life channel... I found that kinda funny.


Anonymous said...

what an honor, I was qouted by the great Calleja.

P.S: dont upgrade to blogger beta, it sucks.

Anonymous said...

thats because he admires your hair, he is bald, you know

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm bald...been bald since I was involved in a car accident when I was 15.

The nick Sex hair is a joke, because I dont have any hair.

, Sex hair

Anonymous said...

I think he is talking about Calleja?s lack of hair, you moron.
He is the bald guy he is talking about, but if u are bald too, then join the Calleja?s Roll-On-Head Club.

Anonymous said...

sheesh, so harsh.

Allow me to explain in such a way your puny poor excuse for a brain can understand.

Anonymous #2 said "thats because he admires your hair"

See? my hair, not calleja's, MY hair. (which is non existant)

I dont have any hair as I pointed out in the last comment. NO hair means my hair can't be admired for my hair, get it? moron.

and what's up with the obsession with bald people here?

, Sex hair.

Vico said...

ke pedo con los que se cren gringos?
ablen en espanol hijos de su puta madre
aber pinchi pelon ponlos en paz a la verga y diles ke si no ablan como la gente ke se bayan a chingar a su puta madre o banealos a la verga

Huevo said...


Estos son sin duda los comentarios mas bizarros de tu blog.

El Pinche Contreras. said...

y ahi estoy como pendejo media hora intentando leer lo que dice, jaja, estuvo chido pero no entendí ni madres.

Licenciada said...

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