29 December 2012

Rotten Zeitgeist

Escribí esto en un foro reaccionando a la matanza del kinder de Connecticut y decidí pegarlo aquí porque creo ilustra bastante bien lo que siento al respecto.

I'm obviously kind of an outsider on this, but I'm no stranger to fear of gun violence, as you all must know.

I don't think guns are the problem. Guns are difficult as FUCK to get here in Mexico for the average citizen (you have to literally buy them from the army, after rigorous background checks) but that means shit, because evil people aren't average. Drug dealers and psychopaths will find a way to get the guns they need/want, period.

The problem is fear. The problem is that news need 24 hours of content now. The problem is human emotions are incredibly easy to manipulate. The problem is capitalism by definition breeds selfishness and self entitlement. The problem is our culture itself. Yes, our, no Mexican is free of US influence, believe me.

We are poisoned at a fundamental level as a society. Guns aren't the problem. People thinking their needs come before everyone else's is. People saying stuff like "I don't want guns banned, I like my guns" is a very good example of this.... they're putting their own likes over society's needs. We all put our own needs over society's. We're literally raised to do so, if you think about it. And when you have millions and millions of people, you're gonna have millions and millions of variables and of course some of those are going to crack and kill little kids. It's sickening, it's appalling... but it needs to be changed at a generational level, no law or amendment or single President will change that. The entire zeitgeist is rotten.


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