19 December 2004

Lupus Finis Battuere II

The inhabitants of the forest could be seen fleeing the area, a sudden fear lodged within their beings. The sky filled with various birds, flying with no direction, and the land dwellers ran side by side, away from the unnatural eerie light, fear visible in their eyes. Even insects left their subterranean homes, crawling or flying as fast as their bodies allowed them.
Something had gone very wrong, indeed.

Lupus Mortis continued its ominous vibration, the blade glowing blood-red and scaling in intensity. Soon numerous lights of various colors began erupting from the blade, surrounding it in faster and faster irregular orbits. A high-pitched sizzle began escalating as the multi-colored lights began traveling to the forest floor underneath the floating weapon, combining and forming a glowing white orb that began growing in size. The initial shock subsided from Graventhorp to give way to confusion and even fear. His clawed hands began checking his coat, he was sure he carried other weapons other than the blade.

No, he had relied purely on Lupus Mortis for too long now, he carried no other means of defense other than his blood-gifts and natural weapons.
"Aw, shit."

The sizzling orb kept growing and began taking shape. In mere seconds the shape became fully recognizable as humanoid, extremities being formed around a bulking torso. The energy began forming thick arms giving way to hands which gave way to fingers which gave way to claws. The clawed fingers of the multi-colored energy-formed shape wrapped around the hilt of Lupus Mortis as a head began to form and powerful legs elongated from the torso and onto the ground. The sounds emitted from the scene hammered Thorp's ears, confusing him, and were soon joined by a great echoing scream of mixed pleasure and pain as the fully formed sizzling-white humanoid opened its arms wide towards the stars overhead and raised its head.

A deafening bang and blinding flash erupted from the blade and the figure, sending the City Gangrel flying back-first against a thick oak tree that cracked and collapsed. Directly in front, inside of a small, smoking crater stood a fully corporeal fur-covered feral figure, the air around it still wavering with heat. It's mouth was contorted in a fanged sneer as glowing red-eyes began analyzing the scene.
Thorp stood up slowly and cautiosly, his enhanced senses informing him of the new presence and its slow step forward.
"Free. Free at long last.."
The voice shook the nearby trees and the air itself. Graventhorp willed his hands to become powerful claws and stepped forward.

"Dunno who or what ye are, but I'm takin' that sword back."

The glowing red eyes focused on the poised figure of the elder. "Ah. Graventhorp. 'Tis a pleasure to finally see thee. 'Tis thy violent nature that finally gave me enough strength to return. I thank thee." The figure stood over eight feet from the ground, Lupus Mortis shining biright red, still in it's right hand. An inhuman chuckle arouse from the sword's wielder as it gave it a quick rotation, leaving a red fading trail behind.
"Lupus Mortis, within my grasp once again. We have plans, don't we?"

It took some seconds for Thorp to realize the huge beast was talking to the sword. The glowing red eyes turned towards the City Gangrel once more.
"Thou art strong, surely ye will make a fine acquisition to our power. We shall give thee the honour to enhance our own strength. Be thankful"
With that the huge beast leapt forward with astounding speed and swung the ancient blade.

Thorp had been ready for anything, but still was too slow to dodge the attack completely. He growled in pain as his left arm fell with a thud, severed at the shoulder.

The City Gangrel clenched his teeth as understanding dawned on him. He could not win this battle.

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